Loading (General)

Why do we not start loading at the front of lane one, fill it, load lane two, fill it and so on is often asked and there are a number of key factors that we take into account when loading. There are many others but these are the main ones.

Wider vehicles - Lanes 3 and 4 are wider than the other lanes so we direct bigger traffic down those lanes.
Canopy - to avoid high vehicles or vehicles with long aerials.
Moveable part of prow - to avoid lots of heavy vehicles due to weight issues.
High vehicles - position so they don't block sightlines for the person controlling the Ferry.
Weight distribution -need to try and spread the load in all directions.
Narrow prows - changes order slightly to keep traffic loading and unloading apart as much as possible.
Maximising space - getting the highest number of vehicles possible on a load.
Not knowing what is coming next - we need to load assuming we are going to get a full load of the most awkward shaped vehicles possible as the loader can't see what is coming next other than the first few vehicles.
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