Notice To Hauliers

Abnormal Loads Crossing the Tamar Bridge

 Rules for Abnormal Load Crossings

  1. Loads either exceeding 2.9 metres in overall width or exceeding 44 tonnes in gross weight are considered to be abnormal loads. Loads exceeding 5.0 metres in overall height must also be notified. All eastbound abnormal loads must use the main deck and not the north cantilever lane for crossings.

  2. All abnormal loads must receive prior permission to cross. Such permission, if granted, may impose constraints on engineering grounds in respect of lane assignment, speed of crossing and maximum prevailing wind speed/direction. Some applications may require a detailed structural assessment at the haulier's expense. (See Notes on below Schedules).

  3. Prior to granting of permission to cross, a fully completedpdf icon Abnormal Loads Application Form [123kb] (available in PDF format) must be submitted in advance giving the details of the proposed journey, the load characteristics and providing indemnity. Failure to do this will result in the request being automatically refused.

  4. To gain permission for abnormal loads to cross the Bridge the application form must be submitted in advance to the Bridge Office giving the following minimum notice periods:

    Not exceeding either 80 tonnes gross weight or 4.2 metres overall width - at least 2 working days
    Exceeding 80 tonnes gross weight or 4.2 metres overall width - at least 7 working days

  5. Abnormal loads will not be allowed to cross the bridge between the following hours:-

    06.30 - 0930 hours and 15.30 - 18.30 hours during any weekday
    06.30 - 18.30 hours during any weekend day in the months May - September inc.
    or at other times at the discretion of the Bridge Manager

  6. Charges with effect from the 1st January 2003 are as set out on the Schedule of Charges. In order to minimise disruption to other users, the Joint Committee encourages off-peak abnormal load crossings by offering crossings at night at normal vehicle rates. Schedule of Charges A (Standard Charges), and Schedule of Charges B (Concession Charges for crossings between 23.30 - 06.29 hrs). In addition, hauliers making frequent crossings (more than five per annum) may qualify for discount on standard charges. Details of such discounts are available on request from the Tamar Bridge Admin Office.

  7. When approaching the Tamar Bridge / Saltash Tunnel, drivers should pull in to the abnormal load lay-by on the A38, which if approaching from the west is situated immediately before the South Pill roundabout, and if approaching from the east is immediately before the Pemros Road roundabout, and follow the instruction sheet in the dedicated grey telephone booth.

  8. Under normal circumstances, abnormal loads will be escorted by a Tamar Bridge liveried vehicle. Detailed escort arrangements will be advised at the time of the crossing.

  9. Hauliers and drivers are advised that the Tamar Bridge has comprehensive recorded CCTV coverage and a 'weigh-in-motion' facility which records axle loads, vehicle weights and registration numbers of all vehicles. Any abnormal crossings made without permission will be identified and the offenders pursued through the courts if necessary, and with the assistance of the police and other authorities where appropriate.

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