Abnormal Loads

Abnormal Loads are allowed across the Tamar Bridge however there are restrictions and charges (please see Schedule of Charges A (Standard Charges) or Schedule of Charges B (Concession Charges for crossings between 23.30 - 06.29 hrs) both can be downloaded in PDF format) that apply to these crossings. Loads either exceeding 2.9 metres in overall width or exceeding 44 tonnes in gross weight are considered to be abnormal loads. Loads exceeding 5.0 metres in overall height must also be notified. All eastbound abnormal loads must use the main deck and not the north cantilever lane for crossings.

Abnormal loads will not be allowed to cross the bridge between the following hours:-

06.30- 09.30 hours and 15.30 - 18.30 hours during any weekday
06.30- 18.30 hours during any weekend day in the months May - September inc. or at other times at the discretion of the Bridge Manager.

There are also time scales as to how much notification is required prior to the day of crossing.To gain permission for abnormal loads to cross the Bridge the application form must be submitted in advance to the Bridge Office giving the following minimum notice periods:

Not exceeding either 80 tonnes gross weight or 4.2 metres overall width - at least 2 working days

Exceeding 80 tonnes gross weight or 4.2 metres overall width - at least 7 working days

For rules relating to Abnormal Loads please see the Notice To Hauliers

pdf icon Abnormal Loads Notice to Hauliers [29kb]

pdf icon Abnormal Loads Schedule A (Standard Charges) [36kb]

pdf icon Abnormal Loads Schedule B (Concession Charges for crossing between 23.30hrs to 06.29hrs) [61kb]

pdf icon Abnormal Loads Application Form [123kb]

Abnormal Loads

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