TamarTag is the name of the Electronic Toll Collection system at the Tamar Bridge and Torpoint Ferry crossings. The system uses safe,secure and reliable communications technology to perform an electronic monetary transaction between a vehicle passing through one of the toll facility's and the toll operator.

The Electronic Toll Collection system offers a more convenient way for frequent users to pay their tolls, speeds up transactions through toll lanes, and reduces the handling of cash for both the customer and operator. In addition the faster transaction time increases the throughput at the recently widened Bridge and facilitate the collection of tolls from the greater numbers of vehicles being carried by the new larger Torpoint Ferries.

The new technology has also added extra capacity to the toll plaza by facilitating shared use of a 7th tolling lane (formerly the bus only lane).

At present there are no plans to raise tolls and the 50% discount and existing toll exemption arrangements will continue to be available with the new system.